Saturday, September 24th is going to be a big day for Troy and Kara Schwartz. The Owensboro couple will be unveiling the brand New Oasis Tanning Salon, a business they recently purchased from Dee Ann Rice, who, alongside her late husband Tommy, owned Oasis Tanning Salon for decades.
The Schwartz family, Oasis employees and a dedicated Apex construction crew have been working on the new location for a couple of months. The New Oasis Tanning Salon is now located on Frederica Street in the same strip mall that's home to Owensboro Athletic Club, Pet Manny and more.
The Schwartz family has made a commitment to keeping all of the tanning traditions of the former Oasis. The popular Twofer Tuesdays will remain in place. Saturday's will feature $2 tanning (exclusively in Level 1 beds) and Kara says The New Oasis will feature the "same great staff, the same great service and the same prices." It will just have a different look.
There will be twenty tanning booths total and they each feature bed, beachtastic paint colors and new changing benches inside.
The New Oasis will be home to two Level 3 beds . . .
Nine Level 2 beds . . .
And, of course, an assortment of Level 1 beds as well.
Plus, there will be two spray tan booths and a stand-up tanning booth.
The expected grand opening, though slightly behind schedule, is now set for Saturday, September 24th and the salon will be open from 8am to 8pm that day with fun giveaways every hour. Prizes include a FREE one-month tanning package, a one-month spray tan package and a $50 gift card.
Kyle Rice, whose parents owned the original Oasis, made a visit to the new location earlier this week. To say he was impressed by what he saw was an understatement.  Kyle shared this on social media:
I was sad. Still am. But I got to visit the new location. Talk to the new owners. Check out the Beds and the ROOMS! After seeing it for myself. This is what Oasis Tanning Salon needed. A revamp. Kara, Troy and the team are busting their butts to get everything in order and ready for Saturday. They moved an entire tanning salon in less than 3 days. Trust me when I say “no small task”. But my pop's legacy lives on. And the new place has my seal of approval.
Kara, Troy and the crew are still hard at work today, but remain committed to opening The New Oasis on Saturday. As they shared on the new location's Facebook page this week, the "final countdown" is on!
The New Oasis will be open Mondays through Saturdays 8am to 8pm and on Sundays from Noon to 6pm.


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