Talk about massive! As a girl from South Carolina, I have seen plenty of gators in neighborhoods throughout my life. But, never have I ever, seen something this ridiculously large! A 625-pound gator was recently caught at Lake Marion in South Carolina. That’s right, 625 pounds!
WCCB Charlotte reports that the 625-pound gator was caught by a crew from Cordray’s, a meat processing shop in South Carolina. The group’s Facebook post shows a photo of the insanely massive gator and says, “Nick Gibert and crew with their 625 lb., 13’, Lake Marion gator.” It truly is one of the most massive gators I have ever seen and was caught in South Carolina’s largest lake, guess that makes sense. Where else could something big like this fit?
Did you know there is an alligator hunting season? The season began September 10th, so I guess they kicked off the season on a high note. Alligator hunting season will run until October 8th. South Carolina’s Department of Natural Resources has official rules and regulations regarding alligator hunting season. I personally don’t play to participate, because I would not want to be that close to any gator, big or small. How about you?

If you’re like me, then when you go to the beach there is only one thing you think about, SHARKS! If it is one thing we have learned over the years, shark attacks can happen at just about any moment. From movies like Jaws to memorable shark attacks over the years, it’s the one thing we fear at the beach. While there are tons of precautions people try to take out nowadays, there are still some areas that are just known for high amounts of shark attacks.
How Stuff Works went through to determine which places are some of the most dangerous for shark attacks. From other countries like Brazil to U.S. spots like South Carolina, attacks happen worldwide. Although shark attacks are rare, it is good to know a bit about the beaches you may visit this summer or in the future. Here are How Stuff Works top 10 most dangerous places for shark attacks. Beware!
Welcome to the world’s largest tropical island. In the Pacific Ocean, this area has had a record of 48 shark attacks since 1848, according to How Stuff Works.
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South Carolina has had a record of 107 shark attacks since 1837, says How Stuff Works. With a long stretch of coastline, 37 of those attacks occurred in the Charleston County coastline.
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Brazil is home to most shark attacks throughout South America. According to How Stuff Works, they have had 107 attacks since 1931.
Shark Recife Brazil
Since 2012, California has had a record of 29 shark attacks. How Stuff Works says they have had nearly 130 attacks since 1926.
A surfer suffered “significant” injuries after he was bitten by a shark at a California beach. #news #sharkattack #california #surfer #pacificgrove #climatechange #sharks
Florida is undeniably one of the most known places for shark attacks. The state has had so many multiple areas within Florida made the list. Brevard County specifically has had 155 shark attacks since 1882, according to How Stuff Works.
Headed to Maui or Oahu? Beware of the possibility of a shark attack. 159 of shark attacks in Hawaii have occurred at one of those two islands since 1828, says How Stuff Works.
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Since 1700, Queensland has had a record of 199 shark attacks. Australia is home to over 150 shark species and the attacks range from all different types of sharks. How Stuff Works reports that some of Australia’s beaches are protected by drumlines and baited hooks to help keep beaches safe from sharks.
This Blacktip Reef Shark swam right up to my camera!! 😯🦈 #shark #reefshark #snorkeling #australia #greatbarrierreef #queensland #fyp #animals @thisisqueensland
Another spot in Australia you may want to be cautious about is New South Wales. They have had over 250 shark attacks since 1700, says How Stuff Works. That includes five attacks and one fatality in just 2021.
Fatal shark attack in Australia 🦈 #shark #sharks #attack #australia #syndey #swimmer #nbc4ny
South Africa has had over 200 shark attacks since 1905! WOAH! How Stuff Works reports people tend to flock to South Africa beaches to dive with sharks, but that can be highly dangerous for many obvious reasons. The country is the first to formally protect Great White Sharks leading to their population to grow tremendously. Yeah, sounds like I will not be in the waters of South Africa no time soon.
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Coming in at the No. 1 spot for the most dangerous place for shark attacks, of course, Florida. Volusia County to be specific. This area has had over 300 shark attacks since 1882. Not only is it the highest for the state, but this one county beats out multiple countries as well! This area is considered the world’s shark bite capital! How scary is that!
📍VOLUSIA FLORIDA – SHARK BITE CAPITOL OF THE WORLD – what would you do if you came across this many sharks at the beach?! #Sharks #blacktipshark
For the full article and more information on each location, click here
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