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The more you explore the world of astrology, the deeper it gets. It usually starts with a casual interest in reading your daily horoscope, but sooner or later, you’re calculating charts and analyzing your compatibility with everyone you know. Eventually, you may even find yourself wondering whether cities have zodiac signs, which is where astrology gets even juicier. Not only can the astrology of locations explain why you enjoy being in one place more than another, it can also tell you what the future holds for cities all around the world.
In astrology, it’s not just people who have birth charts, because places, countries, institutions, ideas and even organized religions have them too. In fact, using the zodiac to understand a city from a cultural, historical and political perspective is the oldest and purest form of astrology in existence. This branch is known as locational astrology, better known as “mundane astrology”. After all, the world “mundane” comes from the Latin word “mundus” which translates to “world”.
In order to find your city’s zodiac sign, you need to uncover the date that best represents what your city’s birthday might be. It’s most likely the date in which your city was founded, but it may also be the date your country’s current constitution went into effect. And because the inception of many different cities are associated with various dates and times, you might need to calculate more than one chart in order to get a full picture of the astrology at play.
When analyzing the chart of a city, it’s important to remember that the astrological meaning of each planet may differ in the context of locations rather than people. In a city’s astrology chart, the sun represents leadership and national heroes while the moon represents the common people. However, a city’s rising sign and ruling planet is symbolic of its overall cultural identity. Mercury represents journalism, publishing and local transportation. Venus represents women, children and the arts. Mars represents the military, Jupiter represents education and Saturn represents law. The list goes on!
Here’s a glimpse of what astrology says about 22 of the most important and influential cities in the world:
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Known for its commitment to logic and higher education, Boston represents the side of Virgo that is all about critical thinking and analysis. Adorned with a uniform of rusty-red brick buildings and brimming with tributes to U.S. history, Boston is always searching for patterns and establishing narratives. With a rising sign in mysterious and investigative Scorpio—a zodiac sign that screams “dark academia”—Boston’s ruling planet is ambitious Mars in judicial Libra, sitting right in the 11th house of people and community affairs. Is it any wonder that Boston is famous for its law schools, particularly Harvard? It’s through Boston that people can change the fabric of society, but only if they’re willing to fight for it.
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Cairo is a city that is as ancient as it is mesmerizing. However, what sets Cairo apart from so many other cities is just how long this city has remained so timeless and beautiful. Founded while the sun was in Leo, the enduring mystique of this roving metropolis only makes sense. After all, Leo is a zodiac sign that’s famous for its association with wealth, status and luxury, which is a deadly combination that suits a Pharaoh well.
During the year 969, Saturn—planet of karma and longevity—was in sensual and materialistic Taurus, which also explains the way Cairo has cultivated countless archaeological treasures that have largely been stolen and looted over the years. It’s important to note that now, in the year 2022, the North Node of Destiny is also moving through Taurus. And because the Grand Egyptian Museum is set to open during November 2022—right around the lunar eclipse in Taurus—it’s clear that Cairo is about to experience a full-circle moment.
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Who doesn’t want to travel to Dubai? Being that Sagittarius is a worldly and adventure-seeking fire sign, it’s clear that Dubai was founded with the intention of being a destination to add to your bucket list. On the day this city was founded, the Sagittarius sun was forming a conjunction with Neptune—planet of fantasy—as well as Jupiter—planet of extravagance—which speaks to the romantic sheen wrapped around Dubai’s reputation. Being that Dubai is a sparkling jewel wedged right next to a long stretch of desert, the hypnosis this city puts you under can only be explained by the influence from both dreamy Neptune and larger-than-life Jupiter. After all, when someone thinks of Dubai, the first thing they probably think of is money, wealth and over-the-top luxury.
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Because Honolulu was incorporated by the U.S. government on April 30, 1907, the city of sun-slicked surfers, paddling sea turtles and juicy bowls of ahi tuna poke is most definitely a Taurus. After all, Taurus is the zodiac sign of natural beauty that comes straight from the raw, organic earth. It’s also the zodiac sign of sensuality and earthly pleasure, which is why there’s always the scent of salt water and plumeria hanging in the air.
However, it’s important to consider that there’s a big difference between the astrology of pre- and post-colonial Honolulu. For example: Kamehameha III proclaimed Honolulu the capital city of the independent Kingdom of Hawaii in the year 1850, while Chiron—the planet that describes a location’s greatest “wound”—was moving through Sagittarius. And on the date Honolulu was incorporated by the U.S. government, the moon—which symbolizes the people or populace—was also moving through Sagittarius, highlighting the toll that imperialism has taken on Honolulu on its indigenous citizens.
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Las Vegas is the land of getting rich quick or gambling it all away, so naturally, the city of sin is a Taurus. Because this is also the zodiac sign of money, pleasure, luxury and materialistic concerns, this earth sign captures Vegas to a T. With a rising sign in flashy and flamboyant Leo, this city is unapologetic in its association with sex, slot machines and gaudy Hotel-Casinos.
Although this bedazzled city is always beckoning you further, let’s not forget the dark side of this hectic and hungover town in the desert. Vegas has a sun in Taurus that also opposes Mars—planet of conflict and danger—which happens to be retrograde in Scorpio. You know that saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”? Well, it exists for a reason! After all, this city has a tendency to activate the more primal and reckless side of people’s personalities. However, that also means it can brings out the worst in people if they’re not careful.
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London is so rich with extensive history that it’s difficult to pin down the best date to use that accurately reflects this city in the modern era. Because the United Kingdom went into effect on January 1, 1801, it makes sense that today’s London would continue to be a Capricorn. After all, Capricorn is the zodiac sign of authority, leadership and world domination. Sounds like London, doesn’t it? This is the city that houses one of oldest and most powerful monarchies in world history. And because Capricorns are more likely to nurture traditions than break them, London continues to honor the British royal family to this day.
However, let’s not forget that London is also a city that’s clever, hilarious and sexy. Is it any wonder that it also happens to be a Libra rising? This also means that Venus in Aquarius is London’s ruling planet, which makes total sense, as this is a city that people from all over the world call home. Not only is it the biggest city in Europe, but it’s also probably the most diverse. And with such a strong influence from eccentric, rebellious and intellectual Aquarius, you can’t deny that Londoners find a way to outsmart the establishment and serve up some rock n’ roll.
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There’s something about Los Angeles that radiates health, self-care and routine. This is the land where athleisure dominates and green juice is the answer to all problems. Is it any wonder that L.A. is a Virgo? This is the city of angels, which only makes sense, as Virgo is associated with heavenly purity. L.A. also happens to be a Libra rising, the zodiac sign of luxury and allure. Ruled by a romantic Venus in Libra, this is also the city of Hollywood, Malibu, Rodeo Drive and red carpet glam. And because Venus is forming a trine with Pluto in worldly and connected Aquarius, it’s clear that L.A. captures a luxury lifestyle and sets a beauty standard for the rest of the world. It also shows how the cinema it produces teaches the rest of us what life is all about.
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Is anyone surprised that Miami is a Leo? Anyone? After all, Leo is the zodiac sign of pleasure, creativity, romance and self-expression. Like it’s zodiac sign, Miami is a bit of a show-off. Between long sandy beaches bejeweled with bars that flicker in neon hues, there’s no way you can miss the colorful and vibrant energy of this roaring city. Miami represents the romantic side of Leo, as it also happens to be a Libra rising with a Venus in Leo for a ruling planet. After all, no one can deny that Miami is a flirt, but also a bit of a tease. Famous for its rumbling club scene, chic beach lifestyle and flare for being the swimsuit capital of the U.S., Miami wants to be wined and dined. Either way, it always leaves you wanting more.
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Nothing captures the energy of Aquarian togetherness quite like Italy. And because Rome is the heart of Italy, it’s where this country’s passion for community stems from. With a rising sign in curious, adaptable and social Gemini, Rome is an ancient city filled with people who are chatting, reading, learning and running toward the next museum on their itinerary!
Ruled by intelligent Mercury, Rome is also a city in which intellectual, journalistic and philosophical exchange are central to the whole culture. After all, students have been congregating in this city since biblical times. Speaking of biblical, Rome’s ruling planet also happens to be Mercury in spiritual and universal Pisces, sitting in the 10th house of authority. This highlights the fact that Rome is not only a place where people come to dream, but have religious experiences. After all, Rome is also built around the Vatican, leader of the Catholic world and authority for the faith.
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Because Mexico City was founded on August 16, 1521, this lively, colorful and creative city is a Leo through and through. Leo is a prideful and glorious fire sign that’s famous for its association with romance, self-expression and performance. And because Mexico City has been home to internationally renowned artists such as Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Leonora Carrington, Mexico City has earned its position of authority over the arts. Leo is also a zodiac sign associated with light and abundance, which reflects the way Mexico City takes something like death and turns it into something to celebrate rather than fear. After all, this city is famous for its annual Día de los Muertos festival that encourages participants to honor departed loved ones with colorful ensembles and sugar skull makeup.
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Mumbai has well-established itself as an alpha city, which is represented by its status as an Aries. After all, it’s the home of the Taj Mahal, which speaks to a city that values both success and hierarchy. However, the real key to understanding the beauty of Mumbai lies in the fact that its rising sign falls in expansive, adventurous and open-minded Sagittarius. This is also the zodiac sign of higher education, philosophy and religion, which speaks to what this city sees as priority. Because Jupiter—Mumbai’s ruling planet—also happens to be joining forces with Venus in beautiful, artistic and luxurious Libra, this city is one that’s famous for its iconic and otherworldly architecture as well as its position as Bollywood capital of the world.
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New Orleans is a place full of history, mystery and artistic eccentricity. And because New Orleans is an Aquarius, it has always shined as a beacon of community togetherness and joyous revelry. Even Mardi Gras alone is enough proof that NoLa is an Aquarius, as it’s a celebration brimming with costumes, cascading beads and parades that never stop. And because NoLa has a way of coming together to not only celebrate, but rebuild after natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, this city captures the power of Aquarius to perfection. Forming a trine with a moon in Gemini, the people of New Orleans understand this message of teamwork to their very core. And because Gemini is famous for its cleverness, social extravagance and fast-paced energy, the city that invented Jazz is a city that never seems to sleep.
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When you think of New York City, most of us immediately think of the Empire State Building, which is a cultural institution dedicated to business. You might even think of Wall Street; of buzzing numbers and people risking it all. New York City is a Capricorn; a place where people come to build their wealth, climb the corporate ladder and become an expert in their craft.
However, New York is more than just a rat race. With a rising sign that falls in sensitive and protective Cancer, New Yorkers have a tough outer shell, but they’re usually soft and gooey on the inside. Ruled by a dreamy Pisces moon in the 10th house of social status, it’s clear that although people born into old Manhattan wealth may think they run the show, the magic of New York really comes from the artists, dreamers and go-getters who are the lifeblood of this often mysterious and endlessly multifaceted metropolis.
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The fact that Paris is a Libra is basically proof that astrology is real. This is often referred to as “the most beautiful city in the world”, which a sentiment well reflected by its sun in balanced, romantic and fashion-forward Libra. However, Paris is more than just shallow and superficial beauty; it carries an aura of fantasy and magic, making it a destination many people run to in order to escape from reality. With a rising sign in dreamy and otherworldly Pisces, Paris is a place that is often romanticized in art, music, storytelling and filmmaking.
Because Paris has Jupiter in Scorpio in the seventh house of partnerships as a ruling planet, this is a city that’s often associated with courtship and romance. All it takes is one trip to the Eiffel Tower to see people being proposed to and brides having their photograph taken! However, the Parisian love is not your average brand of love. After all, Jupiter is also in dark, passionate and destructive Scorpio, which speaks to the way Paris inspires you to fall in love harder than ever. I mean, there’s literally a whole bridge that was about to collapse under the weight of all the padlocks couples had installed on the railings over the years.
Photo: Getty Images.
Portland is a city where people of all varieties are celebrated, which is why it’s a little too spot on that it’s an Aquarius. Governed by the words “Keep Portland Weird”, this city wears its quirky reputation like a badge of pride. This is also a place where “young people go to retire”, which is represented by the fact that the sun in Aquarius is forming a trine with Jupiter retrograde in youthful Libra. Make no mistake—Portland is where people never have to grow up. As Portlandia once said: “The dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland”.
With a moon in grounded, earthly and loyal Taurus, the people of Portland are often very passionate about the fact that they live in Portland. They’re also people who love leading an eco-friendly life, as Portland is known for its plant life and ever-expanding community gardens.
Photo: Getty Images.
Famous for its luxurious beaches and close association with the South Atlantic Ocean, is it any wonder that Rio de Janeiro is a Pisces? Because this is the zodiac sign of enchantment, illusion and, of course, partying, this is a city that’s filled with endless opportunities to express yourself, titillate the imagination and dance the night away. With a moon in romantic, friendly and flirtatious Libra, this is a city that wants to charm you! After all, Rio is famous for being home to the legendary Carnival, where dancers donning bursts of colorful feathers captivate revelers who travel from all over the world just to see them twirl.
Photo: Getty Images.
When you think of Singapore, you probably think of high-end technology, bustling street markets and Crazy Rich Asians. The fact that Singapore is an Aquarius comes as a surprise to exactly no one. It’s also a global financial center that houses one of the most famous international airports in the world, highlighting the way Aquarius is always bringing us into the future and helping us stay connected.
The fact that Singapore is also famous for having an incredibly low crime rate is also shown through the moon in empathetic and artistic Pisces, the zodiac sign of universal love. In short: the energy of Singapore doesn’t exactly encourage violence. However, the immense wealth of most residents of Singapore is evident in the fact that the moon is also sitting in conjunction with authoritative Saturn and all-powerful Pluto. Make no mistake—in Singapore, the people are the ones who are in charge. How Aquarius is that?
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The capital city of Sweden is a Sagittarius, a zodiac sign that’s associated with voyages and adventures. And because the most famous museum in Stockholm is literally centered on a sunken 17th-century ship that was pulled out of the Baltic Sea and put on display, the irony isn’t lost on anyone! Stockholm is a city that also represents its Sagittarian flare for education and exploration through an attraction called Skansen, which is an open-air museum and zoo dedicated to the many different eras of Swedish history.
Beyond that, Stockholm is a Leo moon in the fourth house of home and family, which speaks to the way Stockholm—and Sweden as a whole—is focused on nurturing tight-knit circles, strong family units and cozy living spaces. Hello, this is the culture that invented Ikea and continues to be a beacon of modern and minimalist interior design.
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Because Sydney is a trendy and humanitarian Aquarius, this is a land of conservation and connection. It’s also a hub for a multifaceted culture that promises an experience centered on art, nature, fashion and sports. Being an Aquarius speaks to the way Sydney is a city that’s symbolic of the way the rest of the world can comes together in a cosmopolitan city.
However, with a rising sign in water sign Cancer, it’s clear that Sydney is most famous for its breathtaking beaches and intrinsic connection with marine life. After all, Cancer is symbolically tied to the crab, a creature that thrives where the sand meets the ocean. It’s no coincidence that the beach is also where Sydney citizens tend to congregate the most. Oh, and let’s not forget that Sydney has a Taurus midheaven, and since Taurus is associated with the voice, it might explain why the most recognizable part of Sydney is its Opera House.
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Every year, the first day of spring is a massive celebration in Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Celebrating something known as Persian New Year—or Nowruz—this is a time to revel in the abundance, fertility and promise of a new beginning! However, the inspirational energy of Nowruz carries all throughout the year in Tehran, because it also happens to be the date the city was founded, making it a passionate, powerful and courageous Aries.
However, let’s not forget that Iran is also a Sagittarius rising—a zodiac sign that does not like being controlled or constrained. Ruled by larger-than-life Jupiter in caring and compassionate Cancer in the eighth house of intimacy and well-kept secrets, the people of Tehran always treat their guests like family. And although they don’t always have freedom to express themselves in public, it’s at home where Iranians truly get to wear what they want, be who they want and party the way they want to.
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No one can deny that Tokyo is beautiful. Recognized by the orange-hued glow of Tokyo Tower, the all-encompassing presence of Mount Fujii and the bright lights of its fashion districts, Tokyo is a city that could only be a Taurus. After all, Taurus is not only associated with the beauty of the natural world, but also earthly pleasures and materialistic desires. Between shopping, sushi and and streets lined with cherry blossoms, Japan is a Taurus to a T. However, with a rising sign in ambitious and disciplined Capricorn, Tokyo is also a city in which there’s no rest for the wicked, especially if you want to dominate Japan’s ultra competitive business world. And because Capricorn is steeped in tradition, Tokyo is the epicenter of a culture that remains true to itself, despite the changing tides of the rest of the world.
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When you picture Toronto in your mind’s eye, you probably see it famous waterfront skyline. As streaks of neon light dance across the lapping waves of Lake Ontario, the colors are beyond mesmerizing. This is an image that radiates the energy of Pisces, which describes the beauty of Toronto as a city. After all, Toronto’s sun in Pisces forms an exact conjunction with Venus, planet of luxury and aesthetics. However, because Toronto also has a moon in ambitious and career-oriented Capricorn, this is also a city full of business-minded professionals who are here to succeed. After all, Toronto has officially surpassed Vancouver as the most expensive Canadian city in Canada to live in.
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